Home Insurance


Your home is one of your most important investments.  Choosing the right insurance to protect this investment is an important part of completing your financial portfolio.

Choosing the right insurance company takes time to sift through the multitude of company brochures.  Allan Block Insurance, an Independent Insurance Agency located in Tarrytown NY represents over 15 major insurance companies.

  • We place insurance with companies that have are “A” rated with A M Bests.
  • How does Allan Block Insurance handle claims. You report claims to our agency and we guide you through the process making sure that the claim is settled properly.
  • Product features vary from company to company.  Allan Block Insurance Agency’s job is to sift through the features and to present you with the product and features that meet your needs.
  • Pricing varies from company to company and its Allan Block Insurance Agency staff’s job to make sure the product quoted is competitively priced.  When insuring your home, the cheapest isn’t always the best way to choose your insurance. Allan Block Insurance will present you with choices.
  • What deductible should you choose? Never choose a deductible that you won’t be able to handle if a loss occurs.  We avoid using companies that mandate additional deductibles for hurricane or wind losses.  Hurricane or wind deductible for coastal properties can’t always be avoided but some companies will let you buy back lower hurricane deductibles.
  • Flood insurance.  Allan Block Insurance Agency checks to make sure you are not in a flood hazard zone that requires flood insurance.  If you are in a flood hazard zone, we will guide you through the FEMA flood options.
  • How much do I insure my home for? While most companies will inspect your home to determine the cost to rebuild after they write the insurance for you, Allan Block Insurance Agency uses accepted formulas to determine the cost to rebuild so that there are no surprises after you purchase the coverage. The cost to rebuild varies in Westchester County, the Tri-State area and across the U.S.  Market value does not determine the amount of insurance you need.  The insurance contract pays for the cost to rebuild the house.
  • Credits that reduce your premium.  Safety credits , such as alarm system, low temperature controls, perimeter security, gated communities, generators can reduce your premium.

Let us guide you through the maze of products, pricing and services to determine the right company and product for you.

Westchester House - home insurance by Allan Block Agency