Tips to Better Deal with Power Outage

Tips to Better Deal with Power Outage


Coping with a power outage is never fun or easy but with a few household items you can help your family stay safe and comfortable.


Let There Be Light – Fill a gallon milk jug with water, strap a flashlight or headlamp to it facing in towards the jug, this will create a lantern to fill the room with light.


Airplane Mode – Put your cellphone into airplane mode to conserve battery life.


DIY Cooler – Turn your clothing washer into a cooler by filling it with ice, you won’t have to worry about draining the water as the ice melts.


Freeze! – Freeze tap water in milk jugs. You can use them to keep food cold as well as when they melt you have safe water to drink.


Bubble Wrap, Not Just for Popping – If it is cold outside cover your windows and doors (on the inside) with bubble wrap to help keep heat indoors.


Old Fashion Entertainment – Set aside a bag of toys, boardgames or activities that don’t need electricity with your Emergency Kit to help keep your family entertained.


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