Tips for Adding a Teen Driver to Your Auto Insurance

Tips for Adding a Teen Driver to Your Auto Insurance It’s normal for parents to start worrying when their teens become old enough to drive but many parents may not be prepared for the financial shock of adding a teenager to your family auto insurance. While increases vary from state to state an annual analysis found that adding a single Read More

Best Used Vehicles for Teens

Have a new teen driver? Get them one of the best used vehicles. When you have a new driver in the family, your carpool load gets lightened but your mental load likely does not. We understand that you’ll probably worry about your teen driver, but we also know that putting them in the right car can help ease your mind. Here are a few of the best Read More

What Insurance Does Your Teen Need?

What You Need To Know About Your Teen’s Insurance When your teen gets his or her license, you will likely feel both liberated and a little nervous. You are free from the seemingly endless need to shuttle your son or daughter around, but you are also trusting that he or she will be safe behind the wheel. To help safeguard your teen driver, you Read More

Miss These Car Insurance Mistakes

Do Not Mess Up Your Coverage With These Mistakes You have taken the time to choose the right car insurance policy and have been consistent in paying your premiums. Why, then, would you leave yourself in a situation where your coverage could be lost? To protect the protection your policy offers, avoid these car insurance mistakes. Not Adding Read More