How to Keep Your Child’s Identity Protected Online

How to Keep Your Child’s Identity Protected Online Many people are aware that in today’s digital age it is important to protect your identity but parents may not realize that their children face the same threats. Child identity theft can be particularly dangerous because their credit history is a blank slate. While you likely monitor your own Read More

Cyber Security Insurance for Small and Midsize Businesses

Cyber Security Insurance for Small and Midsize Businesses For many businesses the internet has opened a door to unprecedented connections with customers, productivity and visibility. Yet, along with all of the many benefits of the internet there is a real and growing concern of cyber attacks that can cause harm to a business’s revenue, Read More

Cyber Insurance: Still Underappreciated

Cyber Insurance: Still Underappreciated While most business owners have heard of cyber insurance, many continue to go without. Only about one third of U.S. companies currently purchase some type of cyber insurance, largely because owners still question the purpose and function of the coverage. Following are types of expenses that may be Read More

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security Insurance

Understanding the importance of cyber security insurance for today’s businesses. You may think that only major corporations need cyber security insurance, but, quite frankly, you’d be wrong. Hackers are targeting businesses of all sizes, and small businesses with their limited comparatively security protocols are low-hanging fruit. If your Read More

Is Your Cyber Security Clouded?

What The Cloud Is Doing To Your Data In our increasingly technologically advanced age, many companies have turned to tech to optimize their business operations and digitize their data. This has meant less waste, better business practices, increased communication, and a number of other benefits for the company committed to innovation. It has Read More

Is Your Biggest Investment Protected From Cyber Attacks?

Take Action Against Cyber Crimes! With so many mass cyber hackings in the news today, it is becoming increasingly more important that we take preventative measures against this serious crime. If Sony, Target, and Home Depot are experiencing drastic hits by cyber criminals, what makes small businesses think they are not as vulnerable? Compiled is Read More

Major Cyber Security Findings for 2014 Reported by Symantec

The new cyber security findings for 2014, as reported by Symantec, raise some concerns for businesses. Alarming Statistics Found by Symantec Over 552 million identities were breached throughout 2013. Mining, government and manufacturing companies are most at risk; 1 in 2.7 have been targeted for an attack. There were 23 zero-day Read More