The Allan M. Block Agency offers insurance solutions for all your Personal, Business and Additional coverage needs.





Personal Insurance


Making sure your home is properly insured is an important part of homeownership. Protect your home, your valuables and your peace of mind with coverage that’s tailored to your needs.


Your condo or co-op association may insure your building, but you still need coverage for your personal possessions, upgrades and improvements to your unit as well as personal liability protection.


Your landlord’s policy is designed to protect his or her interests, not yours. Protect your personal property like furniture, electronics, clothing and more, and get coverage for liability issues too.

Personal Umbrella

Make sure you’re protected when the unexpected happens. Umbrella insurance provides coverage above and beyond your homeowner’s and auto insurance policies so your savings, investments and assets are protected from big claims.


Just like your car needs to be insured, your watercraft also needs to be protected. Watercraft insurance provides coverage for property damage and personal injury claims so you can focus on enjoying the sport.


You’ll enjoy your trip more when you have insurance that protects you against trip cancellation or delay, lost luggage, medical emergencies or other unexpected accidents or events that can interfere with your plans.

Valuable Items

Think your homeowner’s policy covers valuable? Most likely, it doesn’t. From family heirlooms to antiques and collectibles and much more, you need added coverage to protect these items against damage or loss.

Antique Cars & Boats

Classic cars and boats have special insurance needs. We can help you get the right type of coverage to make sure your investment is protected, at a policy price that fits your budget.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance protects you, your loved ones – even your car – when you’re on the road, and it also protects others. Get the right types and amounts to prevent claims from depleting your savings.

Identity Theft

Recovering from identity theft can be a long and costly process. Insure yourself against losses you could experience when someone steals your identity, even when the theft occurs online.

Heating Oil Tank

Most homeowner’s policies won’t protect your property if your oil tank leaks, and cleanup can cost thousands of dollars. Tank insurance covers damages to your home and property that are caused by a leaking tank.

At the Allan M. Block Agency, our insurance agents are dedicated to making sure every client finds the insurance products that are right for them at a price they can afford. To learn more, call 914-631-4353, email or fill out our online contact form today.

Business Insurance

Business Property

From your building or workspace to your equipment and inventory to fencing and signage, business property insurance provides you with the coverage you need to protect your business’ physical assets in case of accidents or natural disasters.


If you’re managing a restaurant, you have plenty to think about without worrying over whether you have adequate insurance coverage. Our menu of options provides a wide range of coverage, from worker’s comp and loss of income to property damage and liability – and much more.

Marine Coverage

Whether your marine business operations are inland, on the water or a combination of both, you have specific coverage needs that are unique to your business. Marine insurance covers both property damage and liability issues.

General Liability Insurance

When property damage or injury occurs as a result of your business operations, general liability insurance helps make sure your business is protected. In addition to property damage and bodily injury, most policies cover medical payments, defense costs and other types of coverage related to your operations.

Pollution Liability

If your business uses or creates toxic or hazardous materials, having pollution liability insurance is critical. Cleanup of even relatively small spills can be thousands of dollars, and larger accidents can result in millions of dollars of cleanup-related costs. Pollution liability covers cleanup costs as well as associated property damage and bodily injury.

Business Umbrella/Excess Liability

Liability insurance provides effective coverage – up to a point. But when a major accident occurs and damages wind up exceeding the limits of your general liability coverage, the results can be catastrophic, even resulting in the loss of your business. Umbrella insurance provides additional protection to cover significant damages.

Small Business Package

Small businesses face different risks based on the type of business they operate, the equipment they use, the number of employees they have, the customers they serve and other factors. Let us put together a coverage plan that’s customized for your needs.

Workers’ Compensation & NY Disability

Combined, these insurances protect workers from injuries incurred both on the job and off the job as well as providing them with income while they recover. Workers’ compensation is also important to help your business avoid being sued in the event of a workplace accident.

Running a business can be challenging, exciting and, at times, stressful. Let the Allan M. Block Agency provide you with the insurance products you need so you feel confident your business is properly protected. Call us today at 914-631-4353, fill out our online contact form or email us to learn more.

Business Insurance Continued

Professional & Executive Liability

Executives and professionals bear considerable responsibilities for the day-to-day operations of a company, and those responsibilities also mean added risk exposure. P&E protects you and your company from legal costs arising from claims of failure to perform.

Fiduciary Liability

Managing a company’s benefits plan is no easy task; reduce the legal risks and exposures that can occur when a claim is filed alleging fiduciary misconduct, including charges arising from alleged failure to abide by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

Directors & Officers Liability

When your directors or officers commit an actual or alleged wrongful act during the course of their duties with your company, they risk significant legal liability. D&O insurance provides personal asset protection for directors and helps your company attract better board members by providing them with peace of mind.

Surety Bonds & Crime Coverage

Offer your client the peace of mind they need to make sure you’ll deliver the job or product you promise by providing a surety bond. Protect your own company’s assets by insuring against embezzlement, forgery, computer fraud, robbery and other acts pertaining to employee dishonesty by making sure you have adequate crime coverage in place.

Consulting Services

As a consultant, you expose yourself to many of the same risks as traditional businesses, and you need adequate coverage to prevent losses not only to business assets but personal assets as well. Protect yourself in the event of property loss, general liability, loss of income and more.


Computer fraud, identity theft and other cyber risks are very real dangers today. Cybersecurity insurance covers your business from direct losses, losses from computer security breaches and legal liability damages for both first- and third-party issues including network security and privacy liability.


Businesses that operate outside the U.S. need special coverage to address the legal liabilities that can arise through the actions of their employees. International coverage addresses foreign property and auto claims, general liability issues, accident claims, workers’ compensation and other coverage types and can be tailored to your needs and areas of operation.

Credit Insurance

Protect your company from losses that can occur as the result of non-payment of commercial debt, including non-payment that arises as the result of a customer’s bankruptcy, insolvency or other default issues, and gain the assurance of knowing your invoices will be paid.

At the Allan M. Block Agency, we understand the risks and challenges faced by today’s business owners. Protecting yourself and your business from losses helps you operate more efficiently and more confidently. Don’t delay in getting the coverage you and your business need. Call us today at 914-631-4353 or email us at to learn more.

Additional Product Offerings

Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love by making sure you have the life insurance that’s right for your needs. Whether you want basic coverage for outstanding debts, medical bills or other final expenses, or you want to provide a lasting legacy to your survivors, we can help you find the best policy.

Buy/Sell Insurance

As a business owner, your death or long-term disability would have a significant impact on your business, as well as your survivors. Buy/Sell insurance can help mitigate stress by providing the funds that can enable your company to be successfully transferred to a partner or other new owner.

Key Man Insurance

If your company relies on the presence and actions of one or a few people to generate business income or otherwise keep the company operating smoothly, their unexpected death(s) could have serious consequences. Key man insurance helps your company deal with those aftereffects.

Disability Insurance

Like key man insurance that provides protection on the death of an essential employee, disability insurance for you or other key personnel in your business helps ensure your business continues to operate smoothly and without interruption, financial default or even failure, in the event of disability.

Group Disability

As an employer, you can significantly boost morale and improve employee retention by offering affordable group disability insurance for short- and long-term disabilities.

Individual Disability Insurance

Protect your income, your savings and the financial future of yourself and your loved ones by having individual disability insurance to provide income protection if you become disabled.

Group Health Insurance

Attract and retain better, more qualified employees by offering group health benefits to your employees. We can help you learn which plan is best for your company and ensure your company remains compliant under current healthcare reform policies.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care can be extremely costly, and without adequate insurance in place to help cover those costs, you and your family could wind up losing a lifetime of carefully planned savings. LTC insurance helps pay for your care and protects your family’s future.

Having insurance is important for your financial well-being and your peace of mind. At the Allan M. Block Agency, we help our customers find the insurance products that are right for their unique needs. Call us today at 914-631-4353 or fill out our online contact form to learn more.