Your Cell Phone Number May Lead to you Being Scammed

Your Cell Phone Number May Lead to you Being Scammed

Cell Phone ScamIf someone you just met asked you for your Social Security number, what would you do? Most likely you would tell them that it is none of their business. What about if someone asked you for your cell phone number? In today’s digital world your cell phone can be a goldmine of personal information.

Your cell phone number, unique to you, is a gateway to your identity and can help many companies and hackers connect other information to you such as email address, physical address and others. You may not even notice how many places ask for your cell phone number either online or in person, online shopping and retail shops, health insurance companies and banks. Unlike Social Security numbers your cell phone number is not regulated and no companies are mandated to keep it private.

Have you ever received a random text message with a link to click for additional information? This could be a new threat called SMiShing and is similar to phishing emails. If you follow the link in the text message your information could be stolen or malicious software could be installed.

So what can you do? Use common sense, if you are asked for your phone number, ask why. In general, don’t give your cell phone number out to people you don’t know.


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